New York: Bitcoin is Money
To be money or not to be money, that is the question when it comes to utter the word of the Bitcoin. Several people all over and around the world have an exceptionally understanding of what money is ... read more
The Four Rationales of the Bitcoin Usage Could Fly into a Rage in Thailand
Thailand has the right in the mix if the ingredients for the Bitcoin to triumph in a massive number of the foreign tourists, the inflows of the various foreign currencies and also the tech-friendly ... read more

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New York: Bitcoin is Money
To be money or not to be money, that is the question when it comes to utter the word of the Bitcoin. Several people all over and around the world have an exceptionally understanding of what money is actually is and this can certainly broaden to the judges at the federal levels who are having to battle with this distinction regarding the Bitcoin. But in a new case that dealt with the recent hacking of the J.P. Morgan Chase and the other financial companies all over and around the world, the New York District Judge has ruled that the Bitcoin does indeed qualify as money!Based to the Reuter, Anthony Murgio, who is looking to dismiss the charges against him and to his alleged operation of the Bitcoin exchange known as the Coin.mix in which the prosecutors have called unlicensed. Anthony Murgio argues that the Bitcoin cannot qualify as “funds” under the federal law in which also prohibits the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting businesses. The United States District Judge Alison Nathan, disagreed and stating the following in a written statement of: “Bitcoins are funds within the plain meaning of that certain term. The Bitcoins can be accepted and taken as means of payments for the goods and also services or even bought directly coming from an exchange with a bank account. They then therefore, function as pecuniary resources and are being used as a medium of an exchange and also means of a payment.”This was further explained at a pretrial hearing in an effort to have the case thrown out by Anthony Murgio who faces another six criminal counts at the trial. Then the prosecution claims that the Coin.mox was owned by Gery Shalon in which is an Israeli man who has been charged with running a computer fraud scheme that targeted several companies in including the J.P. Morgan Chase. It sought to expose and therefore reveal the personal information and data of summation of more than and over of 100 million people. The case detail is the United States of America versus Anthony Murgio et al, the United States of America District Court and the Southern District of New York, Case No.15-cr-00769.How the Bitcoin was being seen has a great deal and potential to do with where the case is heard, as not all of the jurisdictions see the Bitcoin or even define the Bitcoin as money and the same way. This most recent decision mirrors a decision made in the same United States of America District Court, twenty-five months ago by Jed Rakoff. Judge Jed Rakoff also found that the Bitcoin qualifies as money on the 19th of the August in the year of the 2014 in the case is the United States of America versus Faiella, Case No. 14-cr-00243, the United States of America District Court for the Southern District of New York. In that certain decision of Judge Jed Rakoff referenced a precedent-setting decision in his opinion by a Texas magistrate in the case of the SEC versus Shavers, 2013 WL 4028482 in which is held in the previous of August in which finds and held that the Bitcoin were currency of a form of money.More or less two months ago, there is a case and issue in the exact same way that is being adjudicated in the Miami, Florida. The money laundering criminal case had sort out that if the Bitcoin qualified as money that could represent a financial transactions and dealings but in the view of the Judge Teresa Poller, she found that the Bitcoin is neither a currency nor a form of money, or in short Bitcoin is not money. Judge Teresa Poller did not even get to see and reference the cases coming from New York or even Texas as precedence. This actually is beneficial to the greater community and society in the area, as money laundering laws cannot be easily thrown towards to those who are using and also utilizing the Bitcoin in which this could be a meaning of dissuading its use.
The Four Rationales of the Bitcoin Usage Could Fly into a Rage in Thailand
Thailand has the right in the mix if the ingredients for the Bitcoin to triumph in a massive number of the foreign tourists, the inflows of the various foreign currencies and also the tech-friendly banks.The main deal was what is the catalyst acquired for the Bitcoin to thrive in Thailand?The far from the ground dependence on the tourism, Thailand is a tourist-friendly nation and the tourism contributes for more and over of the 19 percentage of the directly and the indirectly of the country’s annual GDP. And foe over of the 25 million tourists has visited Thailand each and every year and counting, the spending in the excess of over 40 billion US dollars in the country. The tourism and the travel account for over of the 6% of the country’s direct employment and a noteworthy portion of the country’s informal sector depends on the revenue that has been generated from the foreign tourists.The proliferation of the money exchangers tag all along together with the Thai Bahts also there are certain establishments that also accept the other foreign currencies like the US dollars as means of payment in Thailand. On the other hand, the foreign tourists are being required to change their fiat currencies into Thai Bahts for their regular use while they were in Thailand. There are numerous foreign exchange booths in especially in the tourist’s locations where the foreign currencies can be able to exchange into the Thai Baht. And also in using your ATM, credit and debit cards is also an option but it also leads to an additional charges regarding with the withdrawal fees, and also in addition to the ForEx surcharges.The banks invest in the technology including the Blockchain, the Thai banks, in which is similar to the banks all across the world have been investing in the technology to stay in the game and be as competitive as the others. The SCB Ventures, the venture arm of the Siam Commercial Bank was one of the investors in the Ripple’s Series B Funding since September with the same year of the 2016. The Siam Commercial Bank has even more than doubled its technology resources rising from the 7% of the profits from the last year up to the 15% of the profits, right at this very moment.The government stands all along with the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin and the Thailand are a natural fit. Given the array of the foreign currencies that is flowing into Thailand. The triumph of the failure of the Bitcoin in the Thailand depends on the government’s stance towards the digital currencies. While the Thai Central Bank has in the past year of the 2013 has even warned against the risks of using the Bitcoin has given the lack of the existing laws, the cryptocurrencies still continues to burgeon. There are 2 exchanges in which are the and the whose payment options include the leading Thai Banks such as the Bangkok Bank and the SCB. The clarity regarding the Thai government’s opinion on the Bitcoin could be the catalyst for the Bitcoin acceptance and adoption to take off in the Thailand.
Europol Task Force: On Making the Bitcoin Stronger and Benefiting the Users
The Europol has set up a working league on combating money laundering regarding with the digital currency. The experts state that it is great for the industry. While last 9th of September with the same year of the 2016, the Europol declared the launch of a Bitcoin money laundering division together with the joint venture with the INTERPOL and the Basel Institute on Governance.The terms of the reference of the announcement certainly claims that the target goal of this setup was to:Gather, collect and analyze and also exchange the non-operational data regarding the use of the digital currencies as a means of the money laundering and the investigation and also the recovery of the proceeds of the crime will be kept in the exact and same form.Organize the annual workshops and the meetings for the representatives of the above mentioned law enforcement agencies and institutions for their capacity to lucratively investigate crimes in which the virtual currencies are being involved with.Lastly, establish a network of the practitioners and experts in this certain field that who can collectively ascertain the best practices and also provide assistance and also recommendation inside and outside of the working league.Great opportunity for the industry, in spite of all the fears by the many Bitcoin users that this could be move into a hunt down of the cryptocurrency, the experts think otherwise. Jonathan Chester is a member of a working league who is behind with the European Parliament on the subjects of the Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. And it appears crystal clear, as Chester says that the two main objectives of the lawmakers in this certain subject matter are the anti-money laundering and specially as it also pertains to the terrorism and the consumer’s protection at the same time. And the goal of the Europol, INTERPOL and the Basel Institute on Governance is to collectively center onto the criminal intelligence.Also Chester mentioned that it is very similarly that this certain task force has been set up with the target goal of first was learning if the digital currencies are being used for the terrorists’ financing, second if it is so, finding out the ways to track down and stop the users who have been utilizing the technology in this ways. And to explain further, Chester is of the view that this is will be a great opportunity in the industry, “This development will showcase the insight to the lawmakers into the current jeopardy profile of the users of this certain technology. And several in the community and the society deem that the use of the digital currency in the terrorists’ financing is a low to the nonexistent and this league will be able to assist or disprove this certain claim. Should the claim be supported it would be similarly to assist to the alleviate several of the banking pressures that the startups in the digital currency industries were facing. Should it be disproved then we would start testing the true nature of the Blockchain transparency.” After that Chester concludes by noting that in the latter scenario, the enforcement agencies would just turn to the Blockchain forensic companies and also prove to the lawmakers that this system is more transparent form of cash at the very same time as also being cheaper and faster means.The benefits to the consumers, the Founder of the CryptoPay, George Basiladze, perceives that this is a very positive progress for the Bitcoin ecosystem and he also thinks that the consumers will do really benefit from it. As he utters that, “Nothing really bad will do happen, for the consumers this will mean for much better protection against the criminals at the same time for the business also. And one great thing is that the Bitcoin network will not be affected and also it is a database and the communication network and so on the people will be still free to use their own Bitcoins.”

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