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Bitcoin Market Booms In Nigeria!

The top African Bitcoin startup BitPesa has gathered around $2.5 million of funding from the leading venture capital firms in the Bitcoin industry, including the Draper VC, the Blockchain Capital, the BnkToTheFuture, the Digital Currency Group, and the Pantera Capital.

Up to these date onwards, the BitPesa has been securing of millions and millions of dollars right in funding both of the disclosed and undisclosed amount right from the key players that surrounds the Bitcoin industry in particular with the BitFury Group and the Pantera Capital. And in the past two years, the Pantera Capital has led an initiative $1.1 million value of funding which the BitPesa has secured. And all through these past few years, the BitPesa focal point is upon providing the essential financial infrastructure to the general population in the countries in particular with the Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria. And in due course, the company has expanded its operations right into Europe and in the United Kingdom as well as facilitating payments and also establishing a platform in which the users can send and also receive the Bitcoin with ease. And together with the newest multi-million dollar funding round the BitPesa aims to allocate its resources right in progressing the Nigerian Bitcoin market by the means of providing and innovative and also proficient financial services for all of the people in the entire country.

At this present time, there are already existing a wide range of startups and company that provides global cross-border and Bitcoin trading services to the users coming from all over the world. Most remarkably, the companies like the Abra have introduced a global remittance network which the Bitcoin serves as the fundamental currency. On the other hand, Tim Draper stated that the significance and the value of the native startups are aiming right into the local consumer base that cannot be miscalculated. And the countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are having a rough time to figure any sort of growth right in their Bitcoin markets just before the emergence of the strong and consistent service providers like the and the The existence of a startup that aims a single market provides a strong infrastructure that the users can put their trust and also can be used to be able to escalate the market adoption.

Nigeria And Africa: Immense Sign Of Optimism For Bitcoin Trading!

These days, Nigeria and Africa are showcasing an immense sign of optimism for the Bitcoin trading in the upcoming years as mentioned by the Founder of the BitcoinNow, a Bitcoin selling platform which is accessible in five African countries. And based on Davidson Atere-Roberts remarks, the Bitcoin provides a deregulated, borderless and decentralized system of an alternative finance to the Nigerians and Africans, but the increase in its adoption will only come to their senses at the very moment when they realize that the digital currency and the other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for the goods and the services as well. And they do really believe that in the upcoming years the Bitcoin would be adopted as an alternative to the basic investments and it will soon appear to each and every one as a safe-haven virtual asset. In addition to the statements above, they also anticipate that in the very next few years that the high profile individuals and also the middle class in the society will be investing in the Bitcoins to be capable enough of securing and increasing their capital as a divergent into the stocks, bonds, gold, and etc. And they also assume that more Africans will be able to go right into the Bitcoin trading and there will be countless peer-to-peer transactions as well.

Does the success of the M-Pesa be a great example right into revolutionizing digital transactions?As we all may have know, the M-Pesa is the world’s most triumphant money transfer service that truly makes it possible for the millions and millions of people who have an access to their mobile phone but do not have or only have limited access to a bank account, and to send and receive money, plus top-up airtime and also make their bill payments as well. And just the very last year, the M-Pesa has declared that they have 25 million active global users f. And getting back to the question, politely, Davidson Atere-Roberts simply answered, it is quite possible, due to the fact that they are much enthusiastic regarding the Nigerian market as an influential and leading market in the Africa even though that the Senegal has taken the lead globally upon introducing it's very own digital currency that will be a legal tender right in the conjunction with its currency. And they are also very optimistic right on the subject matter of the East and Southern Africa regions; it will take such period of time but they do really deem that the Bitcoin will follow the M-Pesa line right in the revolutionizing digital transactions

Right at this very moment, the BitcoinNow is aiming to solve the difficulty of the accessibility as there is still a controlled supply of the Bitcoin in the areas of Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone. And the scheme is it bridges the gap right between these progressing markets and the Bitcoin access by providing a seamless platform in as manyAfrican markets as its resources can establish. And the fact that he really considers that the Bitcoin can be used as a hedge against the political and economic ambiguity; the capital and foreign exchange controls; the demonetization and also the devaluation and the hyperinflation although the Bitcoin-related business right in Nigeria and Africa are still in the moment of facing major challenges.

Bitcoin And Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes Pay On The Run? How Does It Sound?

Perhaps it sounds surprising that the Mercedes-Benz will have a payment service by the brand name Mercedes Pay in no time. And is it acquiring the PayCash Europe SA? Well, let’s see! As we all know the PayCash Europe is operating numerous of services such as the Mobile Payment Solutions, the E-Money Solution, cryptocurrency correlated services, and the Voucher and Loyalty related services as well. The acquisition of the PayCash Europe will be made by the Daimler AG which is the parent of the Mercedes-Benz all the way through the Daimler Financial Services.

The question that lingers is why does Mercedes-Benz all of a sudden need PayCash Europe? Then let’s get right to the bottom of it, in which is the principal endeavor of the Mercedes-Benz upon purchasing a cryptocurrency company that does not appear to be their interest in the Bitcoin although they have not absolutely denied it. As Bodo Uubber, the member of Daimler Financial Services Board Management points out in a company press release Mercedes Pay is the essential component of their mobility and digitalization tactical moves; that Daimler’s new-fangled payment system highlights their aspiration, and as a leading provider of the digital mobility services, and to be able to make the products and the services more captivating, they are offering even more appealing right to the consumers.

The PayCash Europe which will turn right into Mercedes Pay and will be integrated right into the Daimler Mobility Services GmbH which is a further subsidiary of the Daimler Financial Services that also has numerous mobility services in the car-sharing such Car2Go. Daimler even revealed that they have a portfolio that was comprised of over 4 million financed vehicles; and that they even intend to utilize a new-fangled payment system to be able to facilitate all of these and their other financing transactions in the near and approaching future.

Is it the mobility, indeed in the fingertips? Well, to be precise, there are intrinsic synergies right between the Daimler and the PayCash Europe. The PayCash Europe’s system allocates the consumers to be able to purchase products and items all the way through online or even right in a store in using their mobile phones. Their application which is accessible on both Google and Apple App Stores also allows the sending and the receiving of money anytime and anyplace.The E-Money service which was provided by the PayCash allows the businesses to accept the online payments and manage E-money at the very same time. And together with the Daimler’s businesses such as Car2Go, it is quite possible to share cars in using a mobile application. And this particular application allows the users to be able to self-drive a nearby car right to their destination. And just to be particular with Car2Go at this present time, the Car2Go was being used by more than 1.2 million customers.

Larry Bates Says That Bitcoin Can Be A Foreign Exchange International Platform!

Larry Christopher Bates of the BitLand actually thinks that the Bitcoin can be the very best international platform for the foreign exchange. To his mind, an agnostic and interoperable monetary exchange platform is a mere example of where the governments must be giving their attention right on the Bitcoin. And right, on the other hand, he deems that it is not quite necessary for any government to give up their control right over its local currency. And it is quite so frequent the Bitcoin community tends to be delighted at the very moment when a country’s currency begins tanking in hopes and the citizens will come rushing right into the Bitcoin as a haven. But Larry Christopher Bates mentioned that the Bitcoin is not an appropriate haven right because of its high rate of instability by its framework and system.

As he utters that if the argument right for the Bitcoin as an agnostic foreign exchange was being laid down on the table of the governments to be able to lessen their trade costs, deduct the necessity right for the tariffs, and then it would be the much more feasible option for the government’s perspective. And it is extremely ludicrous to recommend to any government that they alter their currency with the Bitcoin. And every single persons in the society must stop making that kind of a suggestion right into any country.

In pertaining to the Blockchain technology, his interpretation was it is the most persuasive and useful part of the Bitcoin.And as a great sample, he noted that the M-Pesa is a digital currency that does not utilize the Blockchain, and also has five times the amount of the users as the Bitcoin as well. He also clarifies that the M-Pesa community has made a large amount of an impact regarding how the digital currency is being used, however since they are SMS based and not Blockchain-based, this results that the crypto community keeps upon ignoring the M-Pesa which is a development that he considers as a big mistake. And if only the people can disambiguate the “Blockchain VS Digital Currency” factor and just begin to clear up the banter, and it is quite a crystal clear that both of the digital currency and the Blockchain have their very own place within the industry and on accelerating a paradigm shift which will notice a more competent global economy. Lessening the friction and the tension within the transactions while at the same time reducing the overhead associated with the international transactions will undoubtedly have a great outcome right on the global economy.

However, as based to Larry Christopher Bates, the Altcoins and the Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology still needs to be disambiguated to be certain that the governments are taking them seriously. And the Altcoins will do serve it very own purpose in which concerns the representation of particular interest groups. He also states that one could possibly argue that the Disney Dollars as a particular interest currency figure which has crystal clear benefits and advantages which do concern by giving discounts right into the customers, plus the benefits right into the club members, and giving another revenue stream besides the stocks right into the Disney corporation. And if the legitimate businesses adopted the Altcoin model, then it would not only make the companies such as the Starbucks more proficient and efficient rewards systems and it would give the customers a way to trade out their currency for an Altcoin to another business.

The Battle Of Interests Over The Bitcoin And The Blockchain

The Co-Founder and the President of the Unocoin Sunny Ray, India’s leading Bitcoin company, has recently shared a quite interesting chart in which shows the levels of the interest of the general population over the Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

And right over from the past two years, there has been a significantly large quantity of the users continuously searching for the keyword “Bitcoin” on the Google which is particularly right in the middle of the strong price rallies. An in the charts provided by Sunny Ray, it is evident that the interest directly correlates together with the performance of the Bitcoin right on the market as the Google searches for the “Bitcoin” peaked globally at the very moment that its price has reached its all-time high right in the late year of 2013. And by the very end of the year 2016, the volume of the searches for the keyword “Bitcoin” has made its tremendous rise all over again and right in the middle of the Bitcoin’s strong price rally which allowed the digital currency to go beyond the multi-year highs. And it also outshines its all-time high market cap of its total sum of $15 billion and reaching for over the sum of $17.5 billion at its crest. And one of the main reasons behind the said interest growth right in the Bitcoin over a particular period of time in which the demand right for the Bitcoin is profoundly reliant on the market. Due to the fact that the Bitcoin has an actual user base that mulls over the digital currency to be a global store of value and also a legal tender at the same time, and its value depends on its investors and traders as well.

In contrast, the Blockchain technology, in spite of the fact that it has vast potential but has failed to be adopted by the big industries and also the major financial institutions. Even though that the billions of dollars were allotted right for the progress of the Blockchain over the past two years and the technology was failed to be commercialized by its early adopters. Sooner or later and without the doubt, the general populace has lost their interest right in the Blockchain due to the non-fulfillment of its hype and the expectation of investors. And all the way through the 2016 in which is a major financial institutions and the banks in which includes the Deutsche Bank and the Santander Bank had confirmed their plans to adopt the Blockchain technology and the interest right in the Bitcoin has slightly climbed and as the general population projected the deployment of at least a few commercially successful Blockchain platforms. On the other hand, the financial institution did not notice the emergence of the successful Blockchain platforms and the interest right in the Blockchain has turned down by the end of the very last year.

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