The Bitcoin Advantages over the Traditional Investment
The traditional investors have always loomed and approached the digital currencies like the Bitcoin with an additional precaution due to their highly volatile market worth and value. On the other ... read more
Coffee And Blockchain: Stellar And Bext360
A technology firm is utilizing the Stellar’s Blockchain network to probably provide a fair coffee sales technology from its grower all the way to its consumer. Bext360 which is a Denver-based ... read more

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The Bitcoin Advantages over the Traditional Investment
The traditional investors have always loomed and approached the digital currencies like the Bitcoin with an additional precaution due to their highly volatile market worth and value. On the other hand, the devastating and great performance of the Bitcoin as an investment and a currency has catch the attention and attracted the likes of a traditional investors over the past few months and counting.The Bitcoin as an investment means provides investors with the three significant advantages and compensation over the traditional investments, the liquidity, the high market demand and the minimalistic trading.The Liquidity – Bitcoin is a regarded as one of the most liquid assets and resources in the financial market today for the reason of the global establishment and founding of the Bitcoin exchanges, trading platforms and the brokers.The investors or the holders of the Bitcoin can easily and quickly trade the Bitcoin for cash or for other assets like gold and other cryptocurrencies right away and instantly; with low fees and charges unlikely the shares of a company or the publicly traded funds and assets that requires the operations of a third party institution like the stock exchange to process and settle the orders and investments. Regions like the Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that are known and popular for its very strict and rigid financial rules and regulations that disallow and misallocates the trading of the foreign currencies and assets also have their fair share of the Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in which enable the holders of the Bitcoin to transfer and move their wealth outside their country and also bypassing the country’s government.The high range of liquidity of the Bitcoin creates and establishes a viable ecosystem for the investors to trade in and especially and significantly those that are looking for a short-span of term of profit. The digital currency is also a practical and a best way for a long-term investment for the reason of its particularly high market demand and trend.The High Market Demand – The traditional investors reasonably and quite question the trend and demand and also the value and worth behind the Bitcoin. The investors that have only limited knowledge in technology, struggles and have a hard time to understand and fully get the economics behind the Bitcoin and how its market value and worth is being determined. In due course like any other asset in the market today, the worth and value of the Bitcoin Id directly dependent on its demand trend. Unless, the demand for the Bitcoin completely evaporates and vanished, the worth and value of the Bitcoin will continue to increase.The Founder of the Marc Warne, Bittylicious further explains the details in, “The Bitcoin will be used and utilized more in the upcoming and approaching future because it is the first time that something not fully controlled and manifested by any entity like a government or a bank that has been used over the internet. It has been around for over seven years now without any single fundamental issues and cases.”The high market demand and trend of the Bitcoin guarantees and pledges the Bitcoin investors a bright and vivid long-term future, at very moment the Bitcoin in theory is deflationary currency. The worth and value of the Bitcoin will keep and continue to ascend until its available and accessible supply hits the top and maximizes.The Minimalistic Trading – The stock trading or any activities in the public stock market require and acquires the investors to hold a license or a certificate that certain and proves their identification and the trading history. To trade a share of a company, an investor has to go all the way through a broker who then creates and establishes an order in the market. The settlement of an order or an investment could take days in duration of time, even weeks or months and it depends in the paper works.The stock exchanges also demands the submission of various personal information and details and also financial accounts such as the bank statements, the billing statements and lastly the personal identification or identity in which that makes it highly and extremely hard for the unlicensed to put an investment at that certain area. The Bitcoin trading, conversely more of a minimalistic form if an investment, weight against the stock trading. The investors just simply purchases or sells the Bitcoin from the exchanges and keep and store them in their wallets. While some exchanges may ask personal details and information just for the KYC rules and regulations the other local exchanges can carry out orders anonymously.Above all, the Bitcoin provides and showcases significant advantages and return over the traditional investments in several ways and means, financially and economically. The traditional investors can trade the digital currency with a higher efficiency and low cost of charges and making the Bitcoin a viable short or even long span term of investment.
Coffee And Blockchain: Stellar And Bext360
A technology firm is utilizing the Stellar’s Blockchain network to probably provide a fair coffee sales technology from its grower all the way to its consumer. Bext360 which is a Denver-based startup has built a robot for automatically assessing the coffee bean quality along with the cloud software and also an app that fully tracks the sales process using the technology. CEO Daniel Jones has told the TechChurch regarding the recent fair trade market in which states that above all, the groups that are working on the fair trade have spent a lot of overhead on tracing materials. And this particular group of people has used the rudimentary tracing mechanism. And the outcome is very imprecise. The people in the field can still get exploited. The Bext306’s mobile robot is a glorified weighing scale. It practically employs an optical sorting to fully distinguish the coffee beans from the quality of good and bad beans and also deliver a great quality score on a batch. The buyers and the sellers then use the accompanying app to work out a fair price and the goods are then tracked further with the Stellar. Daniel Jones has claimed that in so doing, the off-touted advantages and benefits of the fair trade are brought to their conclusion together with a party further along the chain able to know down to the cup where the coffee came from and whether a fair price was paid. This particular concept has already proven popular with the investors in which a previous funding round fully generates the sum of $1.2 million. And the successful implementation is a further boon for the Stellar whose network is seeing a mounting in the updates and international use cases came to fulfillment.
The First SegWit Block Was Mined By The Litecoin Mining Pool BW.Com
The Litecoin Segregated Witness or the SegWit activation seems to be moving stealthily closer as the BW mining pool mines its first SegWit block. The Altcoin’s fortunes have mounted dramatically in the recent weeks on assumption that the SegWit would begin and in spite of the allegations of sabotage by certain community members. The BW controls around 6.6% of the mining power of the Litecoin, that means that the signaling of the SegWit would urge the overall mining support of over 75% boundary needed for the full activation. Right now the figure stands at just under 74%. Charles Lee had previously appealed to the Litecoin users to facilitate a user-activated soft fork or the UASF after the rumors appeared that the anti-SegWit miners were purposely faltering its progress. And in the Bitcoin’s SegWit process, in the intervening time, it really seems that the global corporation, the Microsoft is notionally also behind a UASF. In a tweet, the last 11th of April, Tuesday, the head of the decentralized identity Daniel Buchner has stated that by a default, all of the Bitcoin full nodes and the clients used in Microsoft’s open source decentralized identity implementation will signal for it. Daniel Buchner had also issued a thinly-veiled warning to the Bitcoin Unlimited supports against the SegWit at the very end of last March which states that “To the Bitcoin Unlimited folks which was threatening for over 51% attack, just simply imagine that a decentralized identity client that is running an SPV that fully blocks the Bitcoin Unlimited that which is shipping to over 1 billion PCs.”

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