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Samsung: Nexledger Enterprise Platform

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Samsung has unveiled a Blockchain-fuelled, Nexledger Enterprise Platform. The Korean computing giant Samsung has divulged three new Blockchain products on the first week of this year’s April as one of its firm moves to become a forerunner in the market.

A local Korean news resource which is The Investor has reported that the firm’s Nexledger formally released on the 6th of April aims to provide an integrated solution to the corporations seeking a cost-efficient means of managing the financial transactions, as well as their data exchange. It is the product of Samsung’s Internet technologies that fully arms Samsung SDS which has also developed a digital identification tool as well as the Blockchain-powered payment service.

Song Kwang Woo, the Samsung SDS Vice President of Finance Consulting and Distributed Ledger Technology, has said in a press conference that in developing their Blockchain platform, they have thought hard regarding on how to merge their strengths and their know-how from their system integration service expertise with the advantages of the Blockchain technology.

Over the past few years, just like several of their competitors such as the IBM and the Microsoft, the corporation has remained active in the Blockchain technology experiments. And having caught up in the mix to those who are interested in the Blockchain and having invested in the Blockchain startup the Blocko in last year’s October, had begun the test phase of the Nexledger in which the platform was applied to its Samsung Card credit card company.

And at the very same time, Samsung Artik cloud network and the Blockchain-based IoT service provider riddle&code had made known their joint venture called “tagtok”, which enables any physical object to become a Blockchain node. 20/04/2017 13:36
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