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Russia And Japan Would Have A Joint Digital Currency For Kuril Islands!

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Japan and Russia may introduce the people of the far Eastern Kuril Islands a joint digital currency. According to the reports highlighted in which is stressed by the Russian news resource Future Banking, a program for a joint economic growth right in the area in which is put forward by the Japanese authorities that includes the provision for such a currency that which would kindle an economic growth.

The Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova claims that this such projects can only be considered under the conditions that which do not go against the Russian law. She also added that theywe, the Russian authorities, would be delighted to study the Japanese offer.

A request for further information regarding the potential digital currency saw the Future Banking in which is given a cold shoulder by the Russia’s Central Bank in which mentioned that the said topic was rather political and they declined to state their comment regarding the subject matter.

In a supplementary statement right into the islands themselves, in which are to be found the closest to the Japanese mainland, the Northern part of the Hokkaido Island would also benefit right the currency’s introduction.

Both of the countries have recently softened their stand right into the Bitcoin; Russia is declaring that it would no longer seek to ban it and Japan is preparing an official legislation on later this year. The Japanese interest in Bitcoin itself has meanwhile become a major focal point of their attention, the market in which is becoming the world’s biggest Bitcoin trader right after the volumes in China has dropped drastically. 18/04/2017 18:53
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