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A Government-Backed Blockchain Consortium Was Launched In Switzerland!

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A government-backed Blockchain consortium which is the Crypto Valley Association has launched in Zug, Switzerland with the goal of supporting the development of the Blockchain and the cryptographic associated technologies and businesses.

The Crypto Valley Association under the leadership of the former UBS Group CIO Oliver Bussmann includes such prestigious members as the PwC and Thomson Reuters, as well as a plethora of the disruptive FinTech startups like the ConsenSys.

An accompanying press release claims that the association will be supporting startups and also established enterprises as well all the through the policy recommendations; and therefore initiating and enabling research and study projects; they will be also organizing conferences and hackathons and any other industry events at the same time.

And the Blockchain and the cryptographic related technologies and businesses are the new set of waves right in the near and upcoming future. And together with the founding of the Crypto Valley Association they are promoting more than a region or a portion; consequently they have founded a worldwide association as a foundation for the sector’s most innovative and forward thinking companies and businesses supplementary strengthening Switzerland’s status as a principal heart of innovation in this sector.

The said launch continues Switzerland’s and also in particularly Zug’s ever forward and escalating tradition of being a heart for the innovative financial technology. As of last year the Canton’s administration has moved to allocate the payment of the government services in the Bitcoin, and against a wider environment of progressively favourable regulation for the Blockchain startups at a national level. David Craig in which is Thomson Reuters President Financial & Risk Business stated that the formation of the Crypto Valley Association has already been engaging the local government, startups, venture capital and also larger corporations. And this fully bestows them an access to a pipeline of the interesting startups, talent and also a chance to be able to participate directly in the initiatives driving the technology. 19/03/2017 13:10
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