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Russia’s Bitcoin ATM Was Installed In St. Petersburg

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A rare addition right into the Russia’s Bitcoin ATM count has been installed and appeared to be seen right in the country’s second city of St. Petersburg.

The particular machine was operated by the cryptocurrency exchange which is the Bitlish that fully offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and also ZCash purchasing facilities together with an automatically-updating exchange rate. This certain machine can be found right in the shopping center at the Sredny Prospekt V.O. 36, which is located on the city’s Vasilevsky Island.

The installation is a probable outcome of the Bitlish’s urge for further ATMs right in Russia in which us based right into the legal concerns that have hosted only a couple of machines. The exchange has illustrated its fleet of the ATMs at a recent conference held in Moscow, but so far and until this very moment there is no official information that is accessible regarding any of their locations. Still, there are no Russian machines that are enlisted in the current CoinATMRadar’s listings. And there is a request for the confirmation and further information regarding the ATM which did not immediately return a single reply right from the Bitlish.

The said installation in itself is a symbol of shifting epoch regarding the Russia’s relationship with the cryptocurrency. And having previously de facto banned it as a “surrogate” or an alternative to the Russian Ruble, the country’s central bank this year signaled a new perspective. A constructive regulation that fully states that it would be its policy going en route for, and also at the same time an all-out ban would be counterproductive if even possible. 14/03/2017 20:08
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