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The iPayYou Reveals the Bitcoin Payments for the Amazon

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The Bitcoin payment gateway iPayYou has stated its Black Friday-inspired Amazon Direct as an integrated tool that is allocating the users to purchase on the Amazon in using their Bitcoin. There are over 100 million of the Amazon products right for the Bitcoin!

The iPayYou in which was launched in this year’s 2016, May, has rapidly amassed the range of tool in which lets the consumers shop right from the mainstream merchants without even touching their fiat currency. As the Founder and the CEO, Gene Kavner has mentioned in one of their press release that, “The Amazon Direct is revolutionizing the means that the consumers are able to spend their Bitcoin by just simply granting them to access to purchase for more than 100 million summations of products at the world’s biggest store.” As the iPayYou previously offered gift cards for the retailers in this includes the Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes, which the consumers could possibly purchase with their Bitcoin. Its concept is similar right to that of an extant startup in which also offers discounts right on the Amazon to the consumers in using its portal to pay with the virtual currency.

Gene Kavner is keenly eyeing a persistent gap right in the market. As a former Amazon Executive, he had noticed that the constant friction right between the customers and the payments is at the very moment that these were conducted by the use of the traditional means. As he mentioned that, “During my time as an Executive at the Amazon, we nearly studied the friction points and also the complication that was being faced by the shoppers in which includes and specifies with the payments.”

Was the Bitcoin is a key solution to do many of those problems? The Amazon Direct tool comes in the form of an integrated tab right in the iPayYou’s platform. The users can fully specify the amount of the Bitcoin to be sent, and whereupon it is completely converted into USD and then added right into their Amazon balance. The users can then shop on the Amazon in using this USD credit line. Gene Kavner wholly describes it as “the most direct means to spend the Bitcoin anywhere and anytime.” And he also stated that “As we want the Bitcoin to be the every single day default currency and the very only way for that to become a reality is to be able to provide the consumers with the practical ways to spend their Bitcoin.”

The Purse meanwhile keeps on maintaining its rapid expansion beyond the United States of America right into developing markets. And its push right into the Latin America and Mexico this last October was preceded by the launch of its other branch in India in earlier this year. And offering a roughly of 15% off the Amazon India products, the country has swiftly grown to become the Purse’s second –biggest as of this last November. The United Kingdom and Venezuela had occupied the third and the fourth places respectively and as with the original United States of America market was still holding up high the top spot of the charts. 03/01/2017 13:36
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