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The Top 3 Bitcoin-Related Project in Italia: Bari, Milan, and Rome

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The old country Italy is way in the lead of the several others when it comes right to the Blockchain technology. Just take a quite shot of the possibility of booking a taxi in Rome with the Bitcoin. On the other hand, there are numerous interesting ideas in Italy these days. There are several of the most important Italian FinTech figures have spilled it out regarding their innovated Bitcoin-related projects.

In Bari, there is a University that certainly supports the Bitcoin education. Right in the Southern Italy, the Bitcoin Foundation Puglia promotes a master class regarding on the Bitcoin and the Blockchain with a particular focal point right on the subject matter of the tax and legal aspects.

These unique even happened last November with the registration the ends last 21st of October. As according with a lawyer Giuseppe Grisorio of which was the President of the Bitcoin Foundation Puglia that,” The course’s goal is to be able to train legal and economic operators to understand fully, negotiate, regulate and also provide an expert advice on regarding the purchase, production and the sales of the cryptocurrencies.” The master endows with seven meetings within the duration of two weeks.

And based with the UNIBA Reactor Antonio Felice Uricchio when he noted that, “Right in an economic system that is evolving worldwide and it is quite important to know the new dynamics regarding the digital currencies. That is why the University of Bari in which stands for UNIBA has decided to support the Bitcoin Foundation Puglia to showcase an adequate academic and also the scientific contribution to the people who choose to complete their training.”

In Milan, there is a Blockchain Lab and startups. The BlockchainLab is the very first entrepreneurial effort that brings to the table together with the best experts on the Blockchain in an Italian center of excellence that probably dedicated into deep research. And to do so, the BlockchainLab provides its support o a constant map of all of the most promising and also innovative technologies and startups right in the FinTech sector. It also produces research and in-depth analysis of the Blockchain universe and allocating an easier access to the prototypes and the innovative products as well as the participating directly in the partnership investments right in the startups. The BlockchainLab team, because is composed by an insightful team of entrepreneurs and developers that also works for their companies such as the Ethernity Wall, the GreenAddress, the HelperBit and the HolyTransaction and much more.

In Rome, there is a law to bring the Blockchain right into the public administration. Following a conference that is being held in Rome on the 17th of June and organized by the Blockchain Education Network Italia in which stands for the BEN Italia then a few members of this individual association that are working on a law proposal that could eventually encourage the adoption of the Blockchain right within the Italian country in specially the Lazio Region. During that particular event, based on the facts that the BEN Italia has done a quite good explanation regarding the revolution that brought by the Blockchain and its possible applications right in the political administration. And this way, the BEN Italia and Davide Barillari in which is the Lazio Region Counselor had also explained the benefits that the distributed ledger could surely lead to the entire political system.

And according to the law proposal that is still in its draft, the Blockchain technology will be eventually used by the Italian public administration to do transaction all the way and across the Lazio Region, and the public entities; as well as the suppliers to compensate right for the public services; also to certify the contracts and the documents; furthermore to carry out the administrative checks and etc. And to do so, the BEN Italia will assist the Lazio Region to be able to set and also implement the distributed ledger correctly and in order to reach those objectives. And the BEN Italia is indubitably composed by the young developers and the young entrepreneurs of their own projects such as the QuiBitcoin, the Chainside and much more. 13/12/2016 14:34
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