The Bitcoin Operations in Russia
The Russian authorities hold backed and refused the idea of introducing the punishment for the transactions with the Bitcoin. It is indeed an endless discussion all over again. For over 2 years the ... read more
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The Bitcoin Operations in Russia
The Russian authorities hold backed and refused the idea of introducing the punishment for the transactions with the Bitcoin. It is indeed an endless discussion all over again. For over 2 years the Russian authorities could still not make up their mind and decide in concerning the bizarre bitcoin. And now finally there might be some spark and twinkling at the very end of this tunnel as the Russian authorities hold backed and refused the idea of introducing the punishment for the transactions with the Bitcoin or the other digital currencies.Earlier, the Ministry of the Finance had suggested and yet also recommended the introduction of imprisonment for a period of up to 4 years for the use of a quasi-money, as the Bitcoin and alike were being labeled. Remarkably, the managers of banks and the other financial institutions would take a break for over up to 7 years in prison for operations with the Bitcoin, and with the subsequent deprivation of the right to take on the managerial position and place.In June with the same year of 2016, Alexei Moiseev, the Deputy of Minister of Finance, mentioned in his statement that the Ministry is revising and still reviewing and also reconsidering the terms used in a draft law.The State Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice both agreed and decided that there is no enough reason for introducing measures of criminal responsibility for trading with the Bitcoin. The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Russia also supported and raised this decision.The Ministry of Finance was even ordered to revise and review the draft report addressed to the President and also submit it by the very end of the summer.Let the tax authorities know you play with the Bitcoin. At this very point and moment, the Bitcoin enthusiasts could start praising the state authorities for not banning the Bitcoin. Yet, there is one more thing preventing and cautious them from breathing freely. To sale and also to purchase cryptocurrencies are deemed the currency transaction in which should be reported to the state tax services. The main tax authority of Russia has stated and clarified that the transactions of purchase and sale of the cryptocurrency even the virtual currency between the residents and the non-residents of the country of Russia with the utilization of the currency valuables and or the currency of the Russian Federation are in the fact of currency transaction and so on and so forth.While the Russian authorities still have not found a clear definition and distinction for the Bitcoin, they found a way and another to go around and also put it inside the regulatory framework. Consequently, it does not really matter if the Bitcoin is a currency, a commodity, a quasi-money, or something else. And as long as the Russian tax residents exchange it to currency, it is regarded as a currency transactions and dealings that should be reported to the tax authorities.The statement claimed by the State Tax Authority is intended for the informational purposes and use, so far and does not imply in making revisions and the changes into the current legislation. With the Russian state authorities’ eagerness and urge to ban and yet also restrict things in the country of Russia, we are yet to notice the destiny of this initiative.
Useful Tips on Where to Keep and Store Your Bitcoin!
Just to thwart and avoid more issues and cases of thievery and security breaches in the near and approaching future, the Bitcoin users must put into practice alternative solutions and schematic strategies to facilitate and control their own money and here are some simple and alternative methodologies.The very first thing to understand about the Bitcoin, the Bitfinex safety and security breach in which that led into the cumulative loss of nearly $70 million US dollars has become a painful but an important realization and awareness for most of the Bitcoin users in the community and the society. And it has served as an urgent wake-up call and lesson for all of the users who have relied on the Bitcoin exchanges to keep and store a large summations and quantity of funds in contempt of several major hacking attacks that have stolen million of dollars worth and value of the Bitcoin from the exchanges.Before exploring different varieties of methods in securely keeping and storing the Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, it is best and important to understand and have knowledge that the Bitcoin network lacks a central authority or an organization in which can conduct similar operations as the banks.The decentralized and transparent nature of the Bitcoin network makes it virtually impossible for the users to reverse their funds in an event of a hacking attack or theft. Therefore, the proper methods and schematic strategies must be employed and implemented to protect the user funds from being compromised.The purposes of the exchanges or the primary purpose of a Bitcoin exchange is to enable customers to trade the Bitcoin with the other assets or currencies such as the USD or the EUR. It also allocates the users to purchase and sell the Bitcoins in using the traditional forms and ways of payments, such like the bank wiring, the credit card transactions and the checks.While an exchange has the duty to protect users funds safe and securely in their systems, the operations of a Bitcoin exchange heavily and highly rely on instantaneous transactions in which are being performed on a hot wallet because of their requirement to send and receive the Bitcoins upon their settlement of the trade orders.Consequently, it is important for the users to utilize the exchange for its primary purpose and transfer the funds once they purchase or sell their own Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet.The non-custodial wallets, moving or transferring the Bitcoin to a wallet has proven to be difficult for many users who do not fully understand and knew the technical side of the network. For the beginner users, it is vital and important to remember that the wallets that do not have any control over the user funds are the most reliable Bitcoin wallet platforms. In view of the fact that they do not control your Bitcoin and it is not possible for the hackers to steal them.For the users who are being reliant on the mobile wallet platforms there are certain Bitcoin wallet applications in which can leverage on the safety and security systems or the servers of the mobile distributors. Essentially and vitally these wallet applications are not safe and secure as they can become compromised once the server becomes vulnerable and weak. Thus, the wallet platforms like the Breadwallet in which does not rely on any external servers and connect directly to the Bitcoin network is better for the users for safety and security.The cold storage and alternatives, there are few exchanges in which keep and store the majority of the user funds in a cold storage. To name a few, it is the Bitstamp, the Kraken utilize both of the multi-signature technology and the cold storage to safety and securely manage the user funds. If possible, the users should keep and store their Bitcoin in the cold storage, in which has basically stores and keeps the Bitcoin offline as it eliminates and eradicates the possibility o0f the theft and the hacking attacks.

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