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Bitcoin showed itself better than marketable securities
The markets of securities, debt bonds and bonds have gone a good way in the last 6 years, after falling to the bottom in 2009. But it seems like “honeymoon” is coming to its end. The reducing of ... read more

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Bitcoin showed itself better than marketable securities
The markets of securities, debt bonds and bonds have gone a good way in the last 6 years, after falling to the bottom in 2009. But it seems like “honeymoon” is coming to its end. The reducing of Chinese GDP as well as some other economic indicators triggered a domino effect regarding other world economics.For the first time we started watching the effects of financial thaw in China in August 2015. From the beginning of the year we were witnessing constant reminders of how fragile the international security markets are, when the case is about the appearing of a bear market in China.It is also connected with the concern about the healthy international trade because of the European Union that didn’t manage to get out of the recession of 2008. Even such countries like Russia and developing countries like Brazil literally fall into the trend of a negative growth of CDP.The condition of the macroeconomics in 2016 seems not to be flourishing at all. It is worth expecting a few geopolitical events that will influence the common course and show their authoritative pressure. Even a variant of $10 for a barrel of oil will be possible. But all this is among the fears about deflation pressure and weak global economics that create even more panic than in 2008.A neutral alternative that worksAll basic world currencies have lost against the US dollar and among them the Canadian currency got the most cruel blow – loss of 16% cost. Many currencies of developing countries also were on the line, for example, Russian ruble lost 21% and Brazilian real – 30% of their cost. Bitcoin, a currency without borders that is managed by the mathematicians, has managed to overcome any other currency with its level of growth for 2015.To 2030, Bitcoin may become the 6th largest currency in trading. The calculations show that banks and financial institutes are ready to spend at least 1 billion dollars for the development of the crypto-currency as well as its technology. Bitcoin attracts the attention of the sharks from Wall Street and we can make a conclusion that Bitcoin is under constant development and improvement and is definitely still alive. Bitcoin became the most productive accept of 2015, if not taking into account the market capitalization.Why bitcoin?Bitcoin’s main competitive advantage lies in the very small commissions, which makes it attractive for sellers and consumers. Bitcoins becomes a preferable currency for freelancers as it offers almost instant money transfers with a very small commission. Only a few cents will make your transaction confirmed and you will send any amount wherever you want.Such freedom suits quite well to modern people, especially to those who live in the developing countries, as the living of these workers depends only on the possibility to get money transfers from other countries.The ability of Bitcoin to perform transactions all over the world without any third parties and their limitations is a key factor that helps to involve freelancers and businessmen. The demand for international instant transactions provided by the network will increase in the recent years. But we shouldn’t forget about the slow speed of accepting the bitcoins by the sellers – it can create barriers for the everyday use. If the current trend will be continued, then to 2020 there will be over 100 millions of active wallets.ConclusionsToday bitcoin experiences unusual growth, gets investments from influent financial persons and banks. As a digital currency and a public account ledger, Bitcoin creates significant advantages for freelancers, sellers, businessmen, transfer services etc. It is a promising tool for the progress in commerce, money transfers and the bank branch. Moreover, these circumstances provide a good base for the appearing of a black swan in the global commerce and free trading in the future.
Why it is time to take Bitcoin seriously
For years, in financial circles it has been considered that bitcoins are nothing but a stupid technological game, a miracle, a soap bubble.But it is not quite so.Today bitcoins are taken seriously and people (including the investors and governments) start paying attention to them.Bitcoins become expensive very quickly. In the last six months their cost became twice higher. It is checked that in 2015, bitcoins are the most efficient currency in the world. Their price rose for 40%, from $310 to 434. According to the current course, the common cost of all bitcoins in the world is over 6 billion dollars. Yeah, odd enough.Bitcoins can allow everyone in the US to avoid (obviously stupid) laws about gambling games on the Internet. The federal government (and its foreign analogues) watches carefully the transfers of money through traditional bank systems. The so-called “anti-terroristic” measures and laundering of incomes, taken after the panic of September 11, as a matter of fact, have destroyed the financial secrecy. But today, nobody is controlling bitcoin. They don’t have any power on it.It is not easy to understand bitcoins without using them. In brief: you can buy them online for dollars, transfer anonymously all over the world and exchange back for dollars or any other currency.The entire operation happens beyond the bank system. The bitcoin course is set by the free market. And bitcoins are valuable for the same reason as other currencies: because people believe in it.A really important thing is that nobody is controlling the infrastructure of bitcoins. Neither government, nor companies or society. Ingenious and difficult programs are working all over the world in a huge network of independent computers.Bitcoins are Matrix. They are everywhere and nowhere. And they will become a problem for legislators. As right now, the governments of the world are toughening laws and control on all money operations bigger than a purchase of a bubble gum.There are many legal reasons to use bitcoins. For example, they are a very quick and cheap way to transfer money, which is also useful, when you have to send money to your relatives in poor countries with bad bank systems. Using them, you can make anonymous legal things that you want to keep in secret. And, in the free society, the freedom itself needs no excuses. The responsibility to prove lies on those, who forbid something. Though, bitcoins, like cash, can also be used for dirty purposes.According to the recent Harvard research, every year about 3 trillion dollars change owners in international crimes. The biggest part of this money is cash. If the criminals cannot use it, they will find another way. One will choose gold; the other will prefer diamonds of one carat, immobility in London etc. Or bitcoins. If they are used at least in 1% of international illegal operations, it will make out 300 billion dollars a year. The current monetization of bitcoin will circle over five times a year. Or the course will rise.Nobody sympathizes to international criminals. Especially, when their business is a kind of terrorism, human contraband or blackmail. You are crazy if you are forcing a hospital. But the state is dishonest, too. And there are plenty of examples confirming this fact.Bitcoin will be the next battlefield for the financial legislation and civil freedom. But be careful. Both arguments and lies will be on the both sides.article by

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